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You are what you do every day

How do you deal with tension or frustration? What do you do whenyou have problems eating or falling asleep due to stress? If you cannot concentrate  or you cannot pay attention to others? How do you support your mental balance? What are the tools in your hand?


EMPOWERmental aims to improve the mental well-being of teams and individuals working together  by integrating tools from art-based methods. In ourworkshop we discover and learn creative practices from the fields of movement, theatre and yoga. These tools are  bringing powerful new routines and rituals and can be easily integrated into your daily life, and their regular practice on a longer term can have  impelling positive effects on your mental and physical health. Our target is to provide you with  efficient tools helping to reduce stress and anxiety, to increase concentration and to balance our relation to ourselves as well as to our environment. 

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Flóra Eszter Sarlós is a Hungarian choreographer, yoga teacher, co-founder and artistic director of Ziggurat Project. In 2017, she completed her master’s degree in Projet Culturel Artistique Internationale at the University of Paris 8. She regularly leads and works in Dance Theatre in Education projects, international collaborations focusing on art for society and other cross-sectoral initiatives. She is triggered by the possibilities of connecting performing art based methods and mental health. She completed the Silva method - mind control and ultra course, as well as a 200 hours Hatha Yoga Teaching Course (2020) and a 100 hours Women’s Yoga Teacher Course (2021).


Our current events

2023.04.11 - 19 EMPOWERmental - Dealing with mental health through arts

Retreat training for young professionals 

At Komařice, Czech Republic

Application until 25 February here

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