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for NGOs, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies

EMPOWERmental is a workshop created to improve the mental well-being of teams and individuals working together by integrating tools of art-based methods.

We experience day by day that finding the time and energy to sustain or improve our own mental well-being can be very challenging. General overload, anxiety and the constant uncertainty caused by the pandemic keep us under continuous stress, affecting not only our health and concentration, but also our cerebration.. EMPOWERmental  aims to provide creative and efficient methods inspired by the fields of movement, theatre and yoga, providing ready-to-go tools that can be easily adapted to different working situations. We find it crucial to share such practical assets that are easy to incorporate into daily life, as we believe that by regular practice these new routines can help prevent burnout in the long run.













We aim for

● stress free employees

● people-centered workplaces

● gaining new tools of art

● promoting mental balance

● empowered teams


Language of the workshop: Hungarian or English

Duration: minimum 1,5, maximum 3 hours

The workshop is available both in person and online


​EMPOWERmental has been selected among the winning projects of Good Impact Sustanaibility Fair.

Read the article of Karriertend about our service here!

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