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for high school classes and teachers

How do you deal with feeling tense or frustrated? What do you do when you have difficulty eating or falling asleep? When you cannot concentrate or  pay attention to others? What kind of positive routine would help you or your class? What can you do to spend your daily life in a more calm but energetic way ?

The EMPOWERmental workshop, which is recommended both for high school classes and groups of teachers working together, invites  participants to find their own answers to the above questions. The focus of our work is on the development of individual and community well-being with the tools of arts. During the workshop, participants will try out and acquire creative tools from the fields of movement, theatre and yoga that they can easily incorporate into the daily lives of their community. Our goal is not to provide a one-time experience only, but to equip  the participating groups with practices that prove useful in the long run. Our tools are designed to reduce anxiety in the classroom, thus contributing to  create a more concentrated, energetic, positive atmosphere by fostering the community’s mental balance.


The workshop is available in person and online.  

Duration: minimum 1.5 maximum 3 hours

Financial support is possible on request.


Schools we have worked with:

Székesfehérvár SZC János Vajda Vocational School (Bicske), DSZC Vocational School of Civil Engineering and Technology (Debrecen), Horváth Mihály Secondary School (Szentes), Hunfalvy János Secondary School (Budapest), Városmajor Secondary School (Budapest), SZC Rózsa Imre Vocational School


Feedbacks from students after the sessions:

"I feel a lot calmer."

"My headache is gone."

"I felt all the exercises were useful, I was feeling comfortable."

"I'm on an island of calmness, like floating on a cloud."

"My back pain withered."

"I feel like I can achieve what I want more easily."

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